The Annapolis Preserve Covenants and By-Laws require a permanent governing board of directors be in place to manage community functions. ByLaws specify that the Board of Directors shall consist of an uneven number of not less than three (3) nor more than nine (9) Directors who shall be elected by the members of the association. Board members serve from two to three years and must be residents of the community.

Working With Your Board

The Annapolis Preserve HOA Board of Directors stives to provide all important information regarding our community to residents.  First and foremost, residents should always feel free to contact any Board member should they have questions, concerns, ideas or suggestions on how to improve our community.  Beyond that, the Board will strive to share important information to residents via direct contact, periodic Board meetings, email or via our Nextdoor social web site.  Updated community phone directories will be developed and distributed on an bi-annual basis. Due to cost issues, we will avoid mass mailings unless urgency requires it.

The Board of Directors meets periodicly during the year. Residents are strongly encouraged to attend.

The current year meeting schedule for the Board is available here.

Your Current Board of Directors

Dave Berkey, President
Member, Grounds and Landscape Committee
(410) 721-6811

John Basto, Director-at-Large
Chairman, Grounds and Landscaping Committee
(908) 797-4718

Heather Higdon, Treasurer
Member, Architectural Review and Control Committee
(410) 451-3084

Susan Toepel, Director-at-Large
Member, Social Committee, Welcome Committee
(610) 420-1612

Ron Moser, Vice-President
Chairperson, Architectural Review and Control Committee
(301) 706-0904

Bola Fashokun, Director-at-Large
Member, Grounds and Landscape Committee
Member, Architectural Review and Control Committee
(443) 584-4908

Aimee Lubin, Director-at-Large
(703) 887-6653

Arch Blocher, Director-at-Large
Chairperson, Communications Committee
(410) 451-8421

If you wish to report a common area maintenance problem please submit your information via the HOA Portal using the Work Order feature. Our property manager has a customer service team available to respond and process requests. The customer service team is available 8am-6pm Monday-Friday.

If you have have other questions pertaining to Annapolis Preserve you may inquire directly to our property managment company listed below.

HPS Management, Inc., is the property management company for Annapolis Preserve. 

Alicia Menefee, CMCA
HPS Management, Inc.

P.O. Box 1056
Havre de Grace, MD  21078
(410) 939-1500