Speed Limit

Our community is governed by Anne Arundel County speed laws.  Please obey posted speed limit signs of 25 MPH.

Street Parking

AP has adopted a policy of not parking vehicles overnight along neighborhood streets for extended periods.  There are occasions when overnight street parking is necessary, albeit for limited periods of time.  The basis for this policy is to ensure the safety of our community. 

Street Lights and Power Outages

Streetlight and power outages can be reported diretly to BG&E via web or phone.

  • BGE Web
  • For power outages call 877-778-222 and provide address details of the outage.
  • For streetlight outages call 1-800-685-0123.  You will be asked for the identifying number located on the street light pole.

Your Pets

Anne Arundel County Animal Control Laws address a range of topics governing pets, including:

  • Removal of animal excreta (i.e., residents are required to pick-up “poop scoop”)
  • Whether an animal poses a public safety threat
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Licensing
  • Dog confined or tied outdoors
  • Public nuisance (e.g., molesting pedestrians, chasing vehicles, damaging property)
  • Disturb the quiet of a person or neighborhood
  • Running at large (i.e., not leashed and not under the control of a responsible person)

Anyone violating these AA County Laws may be subject to a fine imposed by Anne Arundel County of not less than $50.00 and up to $500.00.  Residents are encouraged to report violations to Anne Arundel County Animal Control:  410-222-8900. 

Annapolis Preserve residents are reminded that pets must be leashed at all times while off homeowner property and on common areas

  • Owners must pick-up (i.e., “poop scoop”) after their pets for sanitation and appearance reasons, as pet feces attract rats/rodent pests, odors can travel to nearby homes and children play in common areas
  • Dog barking is a disturbance to the quiet of our surrounds

Resident Reminders

  • Board Meetings: Residents are encouraged to attend all HOA community meetings. 
  • Inquiries: If you have questions or concerns regarding HOA policies, procedures, activities or Covenants, feel free to contact any Board member.
  • Security & Emergencies: Report suspicious activities immediately to the Anne Arundel County Police Department.
    • Emergencies – Dial 911
    • Non-Emergencies – Dial 410-222-8610
  • Annapolis Preserve Covenants and ByLaws
    • Please observe the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Annapolis Preserve Community Association, Inc. that govern the use of our personal lots and common areas, as they help maintain and protect our community.
    • AP HOA covenants require that any change or alteration to the exterior of your house and surrounding property requires prior approval from the AP Board of Directors, Architectural Review and Control Committee.  For your convenience, applicable documents are provided on our Architectural Review web page.
    • Issues related to community grounds and landscape (e.g., downed trees, snow removal plans, Tot-Lot, community entrance) may be reported to the Chairman, Grounds and Landscape committee for resolution.
    • Annual Dues: Annual dues must be received prior to January 15 each year to avoid penalties as provided in the AP Covenants.

Snow Removal Policies

Snow removal of Annapolis Preserve (AP) streets is the responsibility of the Anne Arundel (AA) County Department of Public Works (DPW).  AA County adheres to the following priority system for snow removal on residential roads:

  • Storms of 0-6 inches:  Roads should be made passable up to 36 hours after the end of the storm. (Passable means that while the road may still be snow packed, at least one travel lane is accessible for a front wheel drive car.  If our snowplow driver determines that your street meets this definition of passable, no further service will be provided.  Additional plowing would create snow banks at driveway entrances which have previously been opened by residents.  In addition, if our snowplow driver cannot safely access your street due to on-street parking, service will be delayed until adequate access is available or until smaller equipment becomes available.)
  • Storms of 6-14 inches:  Roads will be made passable 2-3 days after the end of the storm.
  • Storms 14-22 inches:  Roads will be made passable 3-4 days after the end of the storm.
  • Storms of 22 inches and above:  Thru lanes should be plowed to bare pavement up to 4-6 days after the end of the storm.
  • Freezing rain or ice during severe ice storms:  Roads will receive sanding and/or salting after the storm subsides.  This will only be done where public safety is a concern.

Annapolis Preserve residents are reminded that they may, and are encouraged to, request snow removal service from AA County Department of Public Works at any time during a storm by calling 410-222-7940.  Our community is in the Central Maintenance District and serviced by the Crownsville Yard of the AA County DPW.  For on-line requests and other snow removal information at Anne Arundel County.

For the safety and convenience of the AP community, a portion of the AP annual homeowners’ assessment is set aside for snow removal and salting by our property maintenance contractor to compensate for the gaps and delays attributable to the AA County snow plowing priority system.  AP snow removal expenses have varied considerably in past years, ranging from zero to more than $2,000; $1,000 is budgeted for 2016.  Our contractual agreement for this service stipulates that AP roads will be serviced upon demand (by specified Board members) when snowfall has reached or is expected to reach a minimum of 4 inches.  Do not hesitate to contact any AP Board member with questions or concerns.  Please drive carefully at all times.