The Grounds and Landscaping Committee is responsible for maintaining HOA common areas (non-residential), community entrance areas, Tot-Lot as well as the selection and oversight of related contractor services.  It should be noted that over 50% of our total annual HOA Operating budget is dedicated to this pursuit.


The Committee typically oversees the following activities:

  • Landscape contractor activities and performance
  • Maintenance of entrance monuments, Tot-Lot, lighting and signage
  • Irrigation systems maintenance and repair
  • Planting and maintenance of trees, scrubs and flowers for both entrances
  • Selecting and directing seasonal contractors for tree trimming and removal
  • Obtaining estimates and proposals for contractor work
  • Recommendation and submission of related budgetary items for Board approval


The committee welcomes anyone who would like to assist Annapolis Preserve maintain and enhance this beautiful community.

Contact any board member to participate and contribute your time and talents.